FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC is one of the oldest dental & implant clinics in Poland – with many years of experience in smile reconstruction with the use of dental implants. We’ve been taking care of our patients for three generations now, trying hard to keep up with the latest trends in dental surgery and implantology. As one of the first clinics in the country we started using the so-called ‘zygomatic implants’ in patients with jaw bone deficiencies. Now we offer revolutionary solutions, such as All-On-4 procedure and bone reconstruction in extreme cases of bone atrophy.

Currently, we are a partner clinic of the renown MALO CLINIC, famous for performing spectacular makeovers often presented on TV programs. If you want to change your life with a new shiny smile, all of this is at your hand, here in Gdańsk at FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC 🙂

It’s vital for us to make our patients feel safe and comfortable during their treatment. At FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC we make sure that your visit is as free of stress as possible. Every one of our patients is individually treated in a friendly atmosphere with the utmost care for details. If you like, we can carry out your treatment in general anaesthesia or sedation (a state of deep relaxation without a loss of consciousness) – under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC provides complex treatments ranging from simple fillings to complicated surgeries. Moreover, thanks to the latest digital 3D technologies used for designing prosthetic reconstructions, our patients can fully participate in designing their smile. All prosthetic works are made in our on-site laboratory which allows to reduce the wait time to the minimum.

It’s worth knowing that FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC is also an education centre in pre-implantological surgery and implantology. We arrange workhops for dentists by known authorities in dentistry. We also provide training courses on the newest scientific achievements of the Götteborg Osseointegration Center founded by Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark.

Malo Clinic Gdańsk