At FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC, when planning a treatment, we always start with a talk with a patient, we collect an interview confirmed by a physical examination. At this stage, it is necessary to perform radiovisiography, and sometimes a computed tomography. Thanks to the diagnosis, we assess the therapeutic options: the state of your teeth, the shape of your jaws, the course of your anatomical structures, eg nerves. It is also possible to detect whether you have any pathogenic changes or root fracture. It also allows to evaluate previous treatment results.

FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC offer the highest quality diagnostic devices. This is a necessary condition to maintain the world level of treatment. The latest generation equipment is safe for the patient. It allows the doctor to properly assess the conditions for treatment planning.

We perform digital radiovisiography (pantomographic and cephalometric photographs) for planning a whole range of procedures: from general preventive treatment, orthodontic analysis to more complicated activities such as implant or surgical procedures. Thanks to a modern system of electronic sensors, the patient’s profile is recognized. The possibility of choosing the exact range of the photo minimizes the dose of X-rays.

The system of intraoral digital radiography with a reduced dose of radiation allows for smooth and fast service. The doctor can accurately assess the condition of the tooth or periodontal tissues and make measurements.

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