The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) belong to the most complex and most often used joints in our body. We use them when talking, eating, singing or yawning. Unfortunately, irregularities in their construction and functioning are a very common phenomenon that can affect up to 40 percent of our population.

Often, we do not realize where the source of our discomfort or pain lies and we do not associate it with dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. The abnormal operation of this joint, its overload caused by poor occlusion conditions, stress or general diseases, cause various, often very serious, ailments, such as:

  • migraine
  • earaches
  • prolapse and blocking of the mandible during wide mouth opening
  • crackling
  • murmurs
  • facial muscle pain
  • jaw buckling
  • grinding teeth leading to lowering the bite height, and thus changing face features.

Therefore, care for the proper functioning of temporomandibular joints is one of the most important issues for a healthy and comfortable life.

Treatment of TMJ disorder (TMD) at FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC

TMJ disorder diagnosis is complicated and requires a thorough evaluation based on the following tests:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Computed tomography
  • Face arch measurements

It is important to comprehensively treat a patient with TMD by combining with each other:

  • ORTHODONTICS – improving the position of the teeth
  • IMPLANTOLOGY – complementing missing teeth
  • PROSTHETICS – rebuilding the bite optimally in the right height

The initial treatment usually involves muscle relaxation with pharmacological agents and splint therapy. We choose the type of splint depending on the nature of your TMD. Sometimes, rehabilitation and physical therapy are also needed. Routinely during the reconstruction of the teeth, we examine the articular system of TMJ. Then, based on the obtained data, we prepare the wax up or wax model of prosthetic work. Next on its basis we form a mock up – silicone temporary restoration of the teeth. We test the construction in your mouth and only when we get good results that you accept, we perform the final prosthetic reconstruction in our laboratory.

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