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FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC GDANSK specializes in complex dental surgeries. We have a well-equipped operating room, where in sterile conditions we carry out the most complicated treatments – all according to proven global procedures. Their course can be recorded and played on the screen. Registers are included in the patient’s records.

We deal with surgery of dental diseases such as cysts, detained wisdom teeth, resection of roots, preparation of teeth for prosthetic reconstruction, i.e. …………….. of appendages, reconstruction of bone loss with the patient’s own material or biomaterials replacing bone.

The bone reconstruction procedure creates the conditions for implanting dental implants for patients with significant alveolar processes atrophy. We prepare a place for dental implants raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus (sinus lift) by carrying out a transposition of the lower alveolar nerve.

On the other hand, orthognathic surgery allows patients with morphological defects to improve the profile of the face, eg, withdraw the mandible, shape the sub-nasal area or eliminate the protruding chin.

Of course, the final effect of the bone correction is completed with a fixed orthodontic appliance that improves the position of the teeth and stabilizes the surgical treatment in cooperation with an orthodontist. By using corticotomy cuts in orthodontically moved teeth, we help orthodontists to significantly shorten the duration of treatment through fixed appliances.

For all treatments, the patient is effectively anesthetized locally or generally by an anesthesiologist. We use antibiotic cover especially in patients with co-morbidities. We support hilotherapy or cooling of the operation site, which promotes better healing. Laser and ozone therapy significantly reduces postoperative discomfort.

We routinely use a piezo electric bone cutting device called piezosurgery. This provides precision and confidence to the operator. The patient is protected from damage to soft tissues, e.g. nerves or vessels. Adequate cooling prevents tissue overheating.

Thanks to computed tomography diagnostics, we can carefully plan the scope and course of surgical intervention taking into account individual anatomical conditions. All steps are taken to create conditions in which the patient will feel safe and the surgeon will perform precisely planned treatments.


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