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Orthodontics is the field of dental medicine which specialises in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental (poor dental positioning) and skeletal (growth/ incorrect positioning of the jaws) alterations. the technical term to designate said alterations is malocclusions which means “bad bite”.

The problems of malocclusion (fitting of upper and lower teeth together) may be hereditary or acquired, either because of habits (prolonged use of a dummy or sucking the thumb, tongue interposition, oral respiration…) or because of the early loss of milk teeth or adult teeth, as well as other factors in which the patient may have gaps between the teeth, crowded teeth, overbite (the upper teeth cover the majority of the lower ones), open bite (upper and lower teeth almost don’t touch), cross bite…

The Orthodontics department of MALO CLINIC has a range of treatment solutions, removable and/or fixed. The fixed apparatus, which may be total or partial, are made up of braces interconnected by metallic and elastic arches and joined to the teeth by way of an adhesive substance. There are metal braces, ceramic braces (where the braces are “tooth-coloured”) and lingual braces (thus having a very satisfactory aesthetic effect, as the arch is placed inside the arcade).

Some patients have complex dental problems which require the orthodontic practice to be combined with other kinds of interventions such as surgeries, endodontic treatment, restorations, implants or periodontal treatments. In these situations, a treatment plan is drawn up which prefers a multidisciplinary approach involving various specialist areas.

Orthodontic treatment in adults has increasingly become a standard practice, as it enables in-depth oral rehabilitation, allowing a better job to be done in terms of the placement of implants, crowns, allowing not only a better aesthetic result, but also the greater longevity of the rehabilitation carried out.

General competences

  • Aesthetic improvement

Orthodontic problems very often have social and professional consequences, leading to situations where people are ashamed to smile. Proper orthodontic treatment allows an improvement in the dento-facial appearance, contributing to an increase in the patient’s self-esteem.

  • Improving oral hygiene

When correcting poor dental positioning, orthodontic treatment enables oral hygiene to be improved since crowded or crooked teeth are hard to hygienise properly. In this way the appearance of extensive caries and gum disease – which in extreme cases may lead to a loss of teeth – is prevented.

  • Increasing chewing efficiency

When re-establishing the correct relationship between lower and upper teeth, orthodontic treatment increases chewing efficiency, eliminating the difficulties of chewing certain types of food and providing more appropriate nutrition.

  • Improving phonation and respiration

The re-establishment of occlusion prevents and eliminates any respiratory problems, also having benefits in terms of phonation, resulting in an improvement in verbal communication, with evident consequences in terms of the social attitude of the patient.

  • Preventing damage to the temporomandibular joint

In some cases, orthodontic treatment prevents complications in the temporomandibular joint (the joint which allows the joining of the jaw to the skull, to be precise, to the temporal bone) and which may be the origin of chronic pain in the head, face, neck or ears, as well as dizziness, nausea and limitations when opening and closing the mouth.

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