In our everyday work we often deal with situations where crippling fear of dentists – dentophobia – successfully stops a patient from visiting a dentist even for numerous years. This not only makes them suffer from pain but may also lead to serious health problems.

At FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC we aim to convince even the most sensitive patients that dental treatments don’t have to come along with suffering. Our dentists carry out all kinds of treatments in as painless as possible manner. We own a vast number of safe remedies and equipment which allow us to reduce the discomfort during a procedure to minimum.

We use The Wand apparatus, which allows for computer-operated anaesthetic application. We can also avoid or relieve pain and swelling resulting from a surgery through gently cooling via hilotherapy. Hiloterm minimizes the need to use painkillers.

  • TREATMENT IN NITROUS OXIDE (the laughing gas)

On patient’s request we carry out treatments in deep sedation. Thanks to such an anaesthesia method the patient can undergo complex treatment during a single visit. Sedation is a very safe procedure, but it needs to be executed in a fully-equipped institution like FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC, which has a full anaesthetic facility and an anaesthesiologist doctor’s supervision in its disposition.

Sedation is a perfect option for those suffering from dentophobia, as well as physically or mentally disabled persons or children with neurological disorders. It’s also a fantastic solution for people affected by illnesses that make it hard to plan a systematic treatment.

Dental treatments in deep sedation are an ideal solution for adults and small children. Children are difficult patient, they often fear the dentist and don’t want to cooperate. Sometimes, despite numerous visits we are not able to carry out effective treatment while the visits are stressful for both children and their parents.  Thanks to sedation the doctor is able to treat all cavities in a child’s mouth during a single visit.

For adults, we recommend general anesthesia when the procedure is long, complicated or when the patient feels a special fear of dental treatment. At FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC we have a fully equipped operating room and we cooperate with an experienced anesthesiologist. Treatments under general anesthesia are therefore completely safe.

Before the treatment, the patient (or their legal guardian in case of children or persons with limited contact availability) is invited for a talk with our anaesthesiologist. The doctor asks you in great detail about diseases, learns your health history and health problems. It’s important to provide all necessary information about your health state in a thorough manner, because this will protect you during the surgery and saves you from potential post-treatment complications.


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