Periodontology is a field of dentistry that deals with the state of tissues surrounding the tooth. It’s up to the tissues to keep teeth in their position. Alarming symptoms, such us uncovering the surface of the roots of the teeth, their increased mobility, bleeding, bad smell from the mouth or shift in the appearance of the gums should all encourage you to have a periodontal consultation with Dr Karol Frankowski.

The state of periodontium depends on the bacteria that live on the surface tooth’s roots. Soft plaque consisting of alimentary sediment and bacteria gradually undergo mineralisation, turning into tartar. That in turn causes inflammatory reactions and a gradual bone atrophy as well as lowering of the gums. This particularly affects people whose immune resistance is weakened, the elderly or those with disturbed hormonal economy.

Elimination of tartar, plaque deposits, polishing of exposed root surfaces are the goals of the hygienic treatments of scaling and sanding. They should be carried out at least once a year while in the case of people at a risk of periodontal diseases at least once in 3-6 months. We provide special care for patients after implantological surgeries, increased hygiene guarantees the maintenance of implants.

!!! At FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC we work with the unique ultrasonic VECTOR system which is highly effective and minimally invasive during the treatment of periodontitis, periimplantitis as well as  mouth hygienisation. A special fluid containing hydroxyapatite polishes and closes the dental tubules which also helps to reduce hypersensitivity of the teeth.

In the case of more serious states it’s necessary to carry out the so called curettage procedure. This is deep cleansing of pathological granulation tissue filling the spaces around the tooth. It is very important to smooth the sharp and rough surfaces to which bacteria easily attach and lead to gums’ fractures and bleeding.

In order to maintain loose teeth as long as possible we connect them with each other in a process called splinting using fibreglass reinforced materials or through the use of a splint-denture. This helps with bone restorations, which in turn improves the stability of the teeth.

At FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC we use biomaterials BIO-OSS and Emdogein to stimulate restoration and regeneration of lost tissues. We also perform gum surgeries which outstandingly improve the state and functionality of teeth (gingivectomy, lobe surgeries, vestibule deepening surgeries and the surgeries of covering the recession of stripped roots).

At FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC we put special emphasis on thorough hygienisation of the patient. We believe that prevention is the best weapon against periodontitis. Our professionally trained hygienist  will give you an oral cleaning training. She’ll teach you how to effectively eliminate bacteria and plaque through brushing, threading and irrigation. For the patients with large prosthetic restorations or periodontium issues we especially recommend rinsing the mouth with a special “Water Pick” type device.

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