At FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC we place great emphasis on developing the right hygienic habits in our patients that will allow them to care for their own teeth and prosthetic reconstruction.

Our specialist hygienist Sylwia Fierke will not only clean your teeth, but also will show you the methods of brushing them, she will teach you how to use dental irrigators and dental floss.

At the start, we highly recommend performing a scaling, i.e. removing tartar deposits using ultrasound. This procedure should be taken at least once a year. In people with periodontal problems (bleeding, gingivitis or deep periodontal pockets), scaling procedures should be carried out even every three months. In this way, we get rid of the dental plaque, which rubs and injures the gum epithelium. We also eliminate pathological bacterial strains responsible for damages in the periodontal region and those responsible for carious lesions and unpleasant smell from the mouth.

Hygienisation is an indispensable procedure for patients with prosthetic restorations, for example, implants. In this case, it is not only about the health and durability of the reconstruction – the condition for the guarantee for this work is regular visits for professional scaling. We avoid complications in the form of “periimplantitis”, and implants serve us for many years.

***At FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC we have the highest quality equipment, ultrasonic scalers, sandblasters. We use the Vector device for inflamed periodontal tissues, which by its unique action not only cleanses, but also polishes and replenishes damage to the tooth surface with hydroxyapatite molecules.

Preventive treatments, fluoridation and impregnation strengthen the surfaces of teeth, protecting them against the harmful acids produced by bacteria.


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