stomatologia estetyczna gdańsk

Cosmetic dentistry allows you to improve the appearance of your teeth without interfering with their tissues. The basis of a beautiful smile is naturally healthy teeth. However, we can correct the shape and color of the teeth, giving them freshness and shine. A smile is a key aspect of a person’s appearance, it attracts attention and influences our reception in the surroundings and gives us self-confidence. Therefore it’s really worth taking care of its quality.

At FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC, to improve the effect of a beautiful smile, we offer two methods of whitening:


    Under the doctor’s control, whitening gel is applied to the teeth for approx. 30-40 min, and a laser lamp accelerates reaching the appropriate color. During the whitening period, i.e. about 10-14 days, you need to have the so-called “white diet” in which foods do not contain coloring substances. We avoid, for example, beets, berries, red wine, herbal infusions. Sometimes after bleaching some fillings should be corrected because the composites do not respond to bleaching.

    In an individually prepared strips, a 10% -15% bleaching gel is deposited. You put it on your teeth for 4-6 nights.

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