All treatments performed at FRANKOWSKI-MALO CLINIC are covered by warranties. However, it’s worth noting that in order to qualify for the war ranty you have to meet 3 basic conditions:

  1. at least once year pay a visit for a dental checkup
  2. maintain the recommended level and method of oral hygiene
  3. comply to the instructions received from the doctor

* In certain, justified cases more frequent visits might be required. In case of any kind of complications arising from our treatment please contact your main doctor or dr. Wiesław Frankowski.

Types of warranties

  • Implants are covered by a 5-years warranty – if you undertake the next stages of treatment and undergoe regular check-ups and hygienisation outlined by the doctor
  • Full-ceramic restorations (crowns, bridges) are covered by a 3-years warranty. If you have tooth cavities that hinder the restoration you are obliged to improve occlusion conditions within half a year. In case of withdrawal from further planned treatment the warranty period is reduced to 6 months. Patients with symptoms of bruxism are entitled to a 2-year warranty period with the possibility of extension if a splint-therapy is used.
  • Metal-based restorations, both ceramic and composite are covered by a 3-years warranty if the occlusion is not affected by cavities or coexisting bruxism.
  • Mobile Prosthetics are covered by a 2-years warranty. In the case of major tooth cavities the warranty period is reduced to 6 months with the possibility of extension after their replacement.
  • Crown-root inserts are covered by a 1-year warranty if the treated tooth isn’t overly loaded
  • Light-cured fillings are covered by a 2-year warranty if the restoration is not overly risky, e.g. in the event of overly extensive reconstruction where there are indications for prosthetic reconstruction. If root canal treatment is required within the warranty period, the patient bears the costs of the treatment while the filling is redone as a part of the warranty.

Treatments that are at risk of interruption performed on the patient’s request (against the doctor’s
recommendation) are not covered by a warranty.

Temporary restorations and immediate dentures are not covered by a warranty.

When do I lose my warranty?

  • If you withdraw from the treatment plan or execution of a part of the work
  • If you make corrections outside of our clinic
  • If you do not comply with the doctor’s instructions, such as dental control visits or hygienisation visits
  • If the destruction of the treated tooth results from e.g. fracture due to injury
  • If complications appear due to deterioration of your general health, e.g. a change in diet or post-chemotherapy conditions

If you observe any complications due to the treatment you’ve undergone in our clinic, please contact us immediately for their minimization.

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